We at Team-IISD, are characterised by diversity, inquisitiveness and openness.

We at IISD Research and Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development in Ladakh – inviting dynamic and capable youth professionals, with credible established tack records in their areas of expertise, to work with us, with bold commitments, being aligned with our mission, vision and objectives, with an international outlooks. We promote knowledge and wisdom, with an objective of pushing social and environmental sustainability, which creates employment and economic prosperity in the region, conserving local natural and cultural heritage, traditional values, while fostering international cooperation.

To Join as a Proud Team-IISD Ladakh Member, Please Contact us @
[email protected]
in Confidence - with followings in PDF File attachments

1. A Detailed CV along with Personal Details and Declaration with Signature.
2. A Photograph of High Resolution (Above 2 MB) in JPG Format
3. How Can I make a Difference, if I Join IISD Knowledge Centre for Ladakh and What could be my visible contribution and Impact to ensure Sustainability and benefitting the Land and People of the area, based on my skills and strengths ? – (2500 words)
4. Let us know, your preference of working location at – Leh or New Delhi ?

If you don’t get a reply within a week, then May Call at +91-11-22723376

Local Candidates will be given Top Preference.
We are a Gender Neutral Institute.