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Centre for Sustainable Development in Ladakh

Our Partners

Shri Chewang Norphel

Padmashree Awardee
- The Ice Man of Ladakh

He is our Mentor and Chief Partron,
Who guides and inspires us.

IISD LEH Focal Point

Dr. Enoch Spalbar
Advisor & Head of IISD-Leh

IISD Kargil Focal Point

Mohd. Younus
Advisor & Head of IISD-Kargil

Dr. Srikanta K. Panigrahi

A Friend of the People
and the Land of Ladakh

He is greatly concerned, how to meaningfully work for the people of Ladakh, especially for the youth in employement and job creation, safeguarding the Water, Forest, Wildlife and other Natural Resources and to Conserve Valley's rich Biodiversity, Natural and Man-made / Cultural Heritage, while preserving Local ageold Value Stystem and Traditions, to ensure Sustainable Development of the Valley.

From the Memory Album of Dr. Panigrahi

Photo Credit | Dr. Panigrahi

When he traveled to Leh for the second time, he planned to visit in September 2018, for total 5 Days to Join, an International Conference on impact of Climate Change on Cold Desert Ecosystem, He fell in love with Nature and changed his mind to continue longer, where he went around the nook and corners of the Valley, along with his Driver Nawang, met hunderds of People, Community Leaders, Talked to them about their Life and Desires, Participated in Ladakh Festival at Leh, on his return, where he stayed total for 19 days, wrote few wonderful poems on nature, people and the Land, before he came back to New Delhi again.

Some of his small Video Clips

Sustainable and Eco Tourism
at Ladakh

IISD Ladakh Knowledge Centre conducts research on domestic and regional tourism in the Hindukush Himalayas. Our work entails identifying and harnessing opportunities in close collaboration with multiple stakeholders for developing and promoting Nature Tourism, while ensuring that local people and communities must benefit from the tourism-related activities, which enhance their livelihood opportunities, pushing ecotourism, in favour of environmental sustainability and Natural and Cultural Heritage Conservation.

Be a Friend of Ladakh
(Eco Tourism) Campaign

Photo Credit || Creative/Getty Images

It is a Campaign planned and designed by the IISD Ladakh Sustainable Development Centre to take initiatives to ensure that all the tourists and the stakeholders related to tourism, like Taxi Drivers, Tour Operators, Hoteliers, Small and Medium Business Entities etc - will commit to ensure to follow the strict guidelines and behavioral practices by pledging to be a friend of Ladakh. A real friend does not cause any harm to a close friend, whom he or she loves and feels proud of their friendship.

For Example: after a tourist arrives at Leh Airport, he/she can register as a Friend of Ladakh / Eco-tourist, where he/she will be explained which guideline, behavioral aspects, they need to adopt, during their travel and stay at Ladakh and he/she will pledge few committments, Again while returning, they have to submit a declaration, to which extent, they could keep their pledge in percentage.

This Campaign is waiting for the endrosement of Department of Tourism, UT-Ladakh Administration, UNESCO and UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Madrid Spain.

This Campaign will be driven by Youths of Ladakh. Be a proud Volunteer, Join the Campaign today.

NITI Aayog's SDG-India Index 2020-21

UT-Ladakh's Index has increased to 66

You can download by Clicking the Cover below:

Water Storage is extrimely important for every household in Leh town, to meet their daily water demand; When water supply availability is quite on uncertain, particularly during winter time.

Households, those who are at the higher elevation; generally, don't get their water supply, because of the lower presure, for which they place their water tanks, at the roads at lower levels.

Geothermal Energy Exploration
for Sustainable Development
in Ladakh

The Energy Contained Beneath The Earth's Surface In Rocks And Fluid Is Called Geothermal Energy, Which Is A 100% Green And Clean Renewable Energy Source.

India is going to get its first geothermal power project in Ladakh. On February 7, 2021, an tripartite agreement for establishing the first geothermal Power Project of 1 MW, was executed. It would help it tap the potential of natural geysers, touching the Puga area, which happens to be 170 km east of Leh in Ladakh. The project would be undertaken by leading Indian Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) ONGC's Energy Research Centre.

IISD Research and Knowledge Support Centre for Sustainable Development in Ladakh, is arranging a special discussion session, with MNRE, Government Of India & UT Ladakh Administration Officials, LAHDC Officers, United Nation (UN) Diplomats and IISD Policy Advisors and Experts, on the Occasion of the it's Ladakh International Conference (LIC), proposed in August 2021, in post COVID 19 period at Leh.

For Details - Please visit the Link

A view from Chumathang, Leh District, Ladakh; 140 Km from Leh town. As per Geological Survey of India (GSI), Other Natural Geo-thermal Sites are Puga, Demchok and Panamic.

IISD Research and Knowledge Support Centre for Sustainable
Development in Ladakh

IISD's 51 Focus areas now, includes a Special Centre absolutely to ensure Sustainable Development in UT-Ladakh; an ancient civilization, with rich cultural and natural heritage, which is also a highly environmentally sensitive cold desert ecosystem Ladakh Valley in the lap of Himalayas.

Ladakh is having an unique ecosystem, with its wonderful people, culture and heritage and it’s the right time the region will get prior importance, especially after the creation of new Union Territory of India in October, 2019, for it’s all round development, which should be sustainable and IISD being a premier national institute is keen to see that the region receives its best in the country for which it has created this Centre, known as the IISD Research and Knowledge Support Centre for Sustainable Development in Ladakh.

In this Centre, IISD is keen to undertake Research Projects and Studies in few Challenging Sectors of - Water & Natural Resources Management (NRM), Tourism, Agriculture, Solar & Renewable Energy, Industry, Mining, Skilling, Employment & Education, in the Region, with respect to Carrying Capacity of the Valley, adverse Impact and Vulnerability of Climate Change, Sensitive Environment, Forests and Wildlife Protection Issues, Frequent Changing Fragile Land Use Pattern in a Cold Desert Eco-system and Preservation of rich Ladakh's Natural and Cultural Heritage and ancient value system.

To Know more About the Center,
You can download

About IISD and its Ladakh Sustainable Development, Research & Knowledge Centre

We at IISD, is Commited for UN SDGs in Ladakh.

We have only One Planet, the home to all of us. Let's love it, respect it and protect it to save Ourselves.

Upcoming International Conference and Policy Dialogue
Redefining Development for a Cold Desert: Ladakh, India

Drawing a Vibrant Policy, Regulation and Governance Framework to ensure Sustainable Development in few Challenging Sectors of - Water & Natural Resources Management (NRM), Tourism, Agriculture, Solar & Renewable Energy, Industry, Mining, Skilling, Employment & Education, in the Region for next 5 Years, with respect to Carrying Capacity of the Valley, adverse Impact and Vulnerability of Climate Change, Sensitive Environment, Forests and Wildlife Protection Issues, Frequent Changing Fragile Land Use Pattern in a Cold Desert Eco-system and Preservation of rich Ladakh's Natural and Cultural Heritage and ancient value system

Date: 7th September 2024, at Leh and New Delhi
Venue:- Leh at UT - Ladakh and Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi
Inauguration: - Hon'ble Lieutenant Governor at Leh and Hon'ble Prime Minister at New Delhi (Proposed to be invited)

Count down to Ladakh International Conference:

You are away from now only


Considering, Starting Date and Time as 7th September 2024, 10 AM.

Organized by: Indian Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD), New Delhi,
Government of Union Territory of Ladakh, Ministry of Home Affairs(MoHA),
With Carbon Minus India (CMI) and The Ladakh Ecological Development Group (LEDeG) as Our Local Supporting Partner

Supported By: NITI Aayog, Ministry Of Environment, Forests & Climate Change (MoEF&CC), Ministry Of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Ministry Of Water Resources (MoWR) / Jal Shakti, Ministry Of Tourism (MoT), Ministry Of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare (MoAFW), Ministry Of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Ministry Of Education (MOE), Ministry Of Tribal Affairs, Ministry Of Youth Affairs and Sports (MoYAS), Ministry Of Culture (MoC), Ministry Of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Ministry Of Rural Development (MoRD), Ministry Of Railways (MoR), Ministry Of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Ministry Of Petroleum & Natural Gas (MOP&NG), Ministry Of Mines (MoM), Ministry Of Commerce and Industry (MoC&I), Startup India and Invest India etc; under Government Of India and UNDP, UNEP, European Union, The World Bank and GIZ

Policy Makers, Thought Leaders, Thinkers, Technocrats, Researchers, Academicians, Authors, Nature Lovers, Domain Experts - Those who are interested, along with a Photo and Brief Bio - Please Contact us at – sustainableinstitute@gmail.com.

NB: All the individuals, Ministries, Partners and Venue are in proposal stage only and subject to finalization, with respect to their acceptance and confirmation.

IISD's 3 Days National Workshop
on Leh Water Supply Management

IISD Research and Knowledge Support Centre for Sustainable Development in Ladakh, organized this 3 Days National Workshop on Leh Water Supply Management at Hotel Grand Dragon at Leh live as well as on Virtual Webinar Format, through Microsoft Teams Platform; with Carbon Minus India (CMI) and Ladakh Ecological Development Group (LEDeG) as our local partner.

Indian Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD), New Delhi

The program was organized by IISD through Microsoft Teams virtual platform as well as live from Hotel Grand Dragon, Leh.

You can Download the Master Workshop Document

You can Download the Workshop Presentations and Reference Files

IISD’s Leh Water Audit Project

Indian Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD) has concluded recently a comprehensive water survey across the 12 zones in Leh Town. The main objective of the proposed study was to conduct a series of Water Audits of Leh Town’s PHE water supply system: to evaluate water use (supply, demand, loss), water quality and also to identify opportunities for better management practices.

The specific scope of work or deliverables for the water auditing exercise, for Leh Town was as follows:

1. To estimate/calculate water supply and demand of Leh town with regard to the present PHE water supply system.

2. To check the quality of water from different sources (Groundwater and Spring) accessed by PHED [tube wells used by PHE to extract GW, Service Reservoirs which are used by PHE to store water before distribution, Public Stand Posts and Water Tankers operated by PHED]. To conduct Water Quality Tests for important physical, chemical and some biological parameters across points of discharge.

3. To compile the findings in a Report and submit to LEDeG along with suggestions / recommendations for efficient water management, supply & distribution and conservation for Leh Town.

This is one of the most challenging projects in this difficult time of COVID-19, where surveying and sampling are posed as the most difficult tasks, amongst social distancing and sanitizing requirements.

We have surveyed huge numbers of households to conduct door to door interviews, including few of community leader (Goba)s and several distinguished citizens of the town, in a period of three months, in the highest town of the country Leh. The town neither has its own functional water quality analysis laboratory, nor right infrastructure to conduct flow meter based field surveys for undertaking quantitative assessment of water supply and it’s loss and leakage, while water scarcity adds up to the present pressuring need of this hour.

Dr Srikanta K. Panigrahi, Director General, IISD and Dr Rashmi Sanghi, Head, Water Resource Centre (WRC), IISD (may refer their Profiles above) lead this Project, supported by a IISD-Leh Local Water Audit Team, consists of following Members, as listed below:

Dr Enoch Splabar, was the Team Leader and Project Investigator of the IISD-Leh Local Water Audit Team. He has worked as a Senior Research Fellow, at ICAR, Central Arid Zone Institute, Regional Research Station-Leh under a DST funded project. He has authored 15 research papers related to Soil, Organic farming, Nutrient management in plants and conservation of traditional knowledge. He received his Doctoral Degree in Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry (2017) from SKUAST, Jammu.

Ms Namgyal Angmo was a Research Associate with Team-IISD, who has conducted Leh household and community leader (Goba)’s survey. She is a Graduate in English Literature from prestigious Miranda House, University of Delhi and also has taught in Ashoka University as a Graduate Assistant and has also done a Post Graduate Diploma in Liberal Studies from Ashoka.

Mr Padma Stanzin was a Research Associate of Team-IISD, who was engaged in conducting household surveys in the Project, is a Graduate in Agricultural Sciences from SKUAST Jammu. He has professional interests in Agronomy, Organic farming, Composting and Water harvesting conservation.

IISD Ladakh Knowledge Center's Internal Auditor
Capacity Building / Training Program for ISO : 17025 for
UT-Ladakh PHED Officials

IISD's Internal Auditor Capacity Building / Training Program for ISO : 17025 for UT-Ladakh (for Both Leh and Kargil District) PHED Officials, Chemists, Water Quality Analysts and Technicians, was organized from 12-15 April 2021 - for making their Water Quality Laboratories NABL Compliant and achieve NABL Accreditation to ensure Portable Water Supply to the People of Ladakh under Jal Jivan Mission (JJM) of Ministry of Jal Shakti, Water Resources, Government Of India.

  • This a Historic Milestone again to initiate a steps towards Supplying Piped and Portable, Safe Drinking Water to all Families / Household and People Of UT-Ladakh.

  • 21 PHED Officials were Trained in an 4 Days Intensive Training Program, who went through steps involving with Rigorous Course Delivery, Presentations, Discussions, Q&A Session, Examination, Evaluation and Certification.

  • 4 Resource Persons, Experts, IISD Executive Faculties of International Repute, delivered this 4 Day's Training Program, including an National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) Lead Assessors, an Quality Council Of India (QCI) (under DIPP, Ministry Of Commerce and Industry) Approved Trainer, and among them.

  • ISO:17025 is a Global Standard for Water Quality Analysis Laboratory Accreditation, hence it is most trusted and universal accepted and adopted standard - As a result, Trained and Certified Internal Auditors are eligible to audit and practice to implement this Standard in any part of the world.

  • For India, BIS is responsible for the upgradation of the Standards for Indian Laboratories and NABL is the National Agency for Accreditation of the Standard's Practice or Adaptation of SOPs, Necessary Documentation, which involves Timely Calibration Of Lab Equipments, Chemicals & Reagents, Basic Minimum Qualified Manpower Provisioning, including Monitoring and the Implementation of ISO : 17025.

Very Important Reference PDF Files-
May Download

1. Setting up of an NABL Accredited Laboratory for Portable Drinking Water Quality Analysis

2. ISO : IEC : 17025 : 2017 Original Standard - General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

Additional Optional Resources-
May Download

3. IS 17482 : 2020 - Drinking Water Supply Management System — Requirements for Piped Drinking Water Supply Service

It is an Indian Standard, developed by BIS, recently in April 2020 for the Public Health Engineering Professionals, who are responsible for Urban and Rural Piped Portable Drinking Water Supply for the people.

This is the Third Important Initiative Of IISD Knowledge and Research Centre for Sustainable Development in Ladakh, under Direct Supervision, Dynamic Direction and Leadership of Dr Srikanta K. Panigrahi, Director General, within last one year, Since 14th July 2020.

Our next Important, 4th Initiative of the Center, is an International Conference, which is planned in mid August 2022, Subject to Situation Of COVID-19 is proposed, for all likely participating Countries, including India and especially in UT- Ladakh - Which would be another historic milestones, in the interest of the people of Ladakh - For Details See the Link above

Another 7 Development Projects Of the IISD Ladakh Knowledge Centre - for UT-Ladakh are in the process and pipeline and are likely coming up soon.

If you wish to get associated, volunteer and support in anyway, to Sustainable Development Initiatives Of IISD Ladakh Knowledge Center, Please Contact us at sustainableinstitute@gmail.com

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Indian Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD), New Delhi is registered as a National Independent Not-for-Profit, Public Policy Think Tank and Research Institute at New Delhi, with an objective of working for ensuring overall improvement of lives and living of Common Man, through Scientific Research, Innovations and engaging with communities at grass-root level. IISD strives to put India into a Sustainable Path that is Inclusive and Equitable, involving People, Planet and Business.

IISD is working with the objective of empowering of the common man to ensure social and environmental justice and overall improvement of their lives and living standards of common citizens of the country in overall political, economic, social, cultural and environmental direction, which helps in poverty alleviation through livelihood generation and works to manage Our natural resources such as water, forests and minerals; in a most efficient and sustainable manner, ensures water and energy security to sustain the present day high economic growth, engages climate change mitigation and adaptation and promote cleaner technology in order to sustain overall development of society. Moreover, IISD works with the governments, bi-lateral and multilateral agencies, industries, academia, premier scientific research institutes, private and public sector organizations, multinationals, credible national laboratories and the other civil society organizations, different communities and indigenous people at grass-root level, using research & social, scientific and engineering consultancy as tools to attain its objectives. In addition, IISD is right now engaged in developing appropriate and action plan to implement 17 United Nation (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Vision is to emerge as one among the leading global Knowledge & Action Think Tanks and a Centre of Excellence, in the fields Sustainability, ensuring Peace, Prosperity and Sustainable Development for the mankind, in harmony with Nature, to sustain this Planet, with full of hopes and lives ahead, forever.

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They Said it...

It is indeed a matter of pride that IISD has successfully undertaken, for the very first time in the history of Ladakh, "The Comprehensive Water Audit of Leh PHE Water Supply System 2020". This report has brought to light the current water supply scenario and will facilitate in envisaging all future projects. I congratulate the entire team of IISD and other partners associated for investing their time and energy in undertaking this significant review and compiling an extensive report. This would prove to be of great help for water planning in Ladakh.

- Radha Krishna Mathur
Lieutenant Governor
Union Territory of Ladakh

Water is Key and Fundamental to People. We need to experiment, possible innovative options to meet the future water demand of Leh and Ladakh. IISD's Water Audit would offer a clear picture of the water supply scenario of Leh town and show a way forward towards this direction.

- Shri Chewang Norphel
Padmashree awardee and Ice Man of Ladakh--

Leh and Ladakh is a wonderful place with it's Community, People and natural resources; IISD-CMI's Ladakh Centre - I hope, will work in Jal Jivan Mission (JJM) for Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance and Other Community centric initiatives for ensuring Water Sustainability, along with Government and People, in UT-Ladakh.

- Shri U. P. Singh, IAS
Secretary, MoWR
Ministry Of Water Resources / Jal Shakti
Govt. Of India

Ground Water Management is Key to ensure Sustainable Development today. Team-IISD is expected to play a significant role, in this domain for the Leh town and Other part of the Ladakh Valley. I wish IISD-CMI all success, in future their endeavour.

- Dr G. C. Pati
Chairman, CGWB,
Central Ground Water Board
Ministry of Jal Shakti, Govt. of India

I Congratulate Team-IISD, for Conducting a Detailed extensive Survey, , based on the in depth Analysis, to prepare the Comprehensive Water Audit 2020. I am sure this Report prepared by IISD, will help PHED, in promoting holistic management of local water resources of the Leh town.

- Ajeet K Sahu , IAS
Commissioner Cum Secretary, Water Resources
UT-Ladakh Administration

I do Congratulate IISD for establishing a special Research and Knowledge Support Centre for Sustainable Development in Ladakh, where Water, Natural Resources Management, Solar & Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Carrying Capacity of Ecosystem, Natural and Cultural Heritage Conservation, Social and Environmental Sustainability related Research would be the key activities in UT-Ladakh, which being ecologically and environmentally very sensitive, requires prime attention.

- Tashi Gyalson
Chief Executive Councilor
Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council
(LAHDC), Leh


Tree Planting Partners

NGO Partners from UT-Ladakh
are invited to Join as Our Tree Planting Partners

We will Plant suitable Trees, those are Native to Ladakh, Especially for Cold Desert Climate, from Leh and Kargil Districts, All od us together, Fruit Bearing and Trees, which will hold Top Soils etc.

Please Contact Immediately :


Carbon Minus India (CMI) has planted 17.9 Million (179 Lakhs) trees since 5th June 2008 till today, along with IISD and its partners, under Trillion Tree Campaigns of UNEP. In addition, IISD has already planted 57.1 K (57 thousand and 1 hundred) from 1st January to 31 August 2020 along with its partners, under the same program of UNEP, against a pledge of 1.37 Lakhs (1 Lakh 37 thousand) trees. The trees already planted from 31 August to 31 December 2020, Figure would be upgraded UNEP website soon.

All these plantations undertaken, have considerably contributed to the Carbon Sequestation of the Earth, under IISD-CMI-UNEP's India Climate Nutral Program 2008-30, where Technology Transfer Facilitation is also organised for the Cleaner Technologies and Renewable Energy Sectors of India.

Be a pround Partners in this prestigious initiative to protect the Planet.

Liveability Index for Leh Town

The Liveability Index for Leh Town is found to be 53.4, which is comparatevely a better figure in comparision to many other cities of India. This study was comissioned by LAHDC, Leh and conducted by EU, BORDA and LEDeG.

For further details, Please visit our Free Download Page and refer Leh Vision 2030 Report, in the Footer/Quick Links below.