Carbon Minus India

Carbon Minus India (CMI) is an Indian Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD) initiative and a Credible Indian Think Tank; established at New Delhi, in the larger interest of man-kind for the survival of the earth from Global Warming and other adverse impact of Climate Change. CMI is engaged to evolve a strategic framework for India as well as the planet, in identifying low carbon growth opportunities and guide / facilitate a series of planned and scaled-up programme, which would support to the on-going dialogues for establishing a climate friendly development path, which also strives for:

  • Articulate a cost-effective strategy for further lowering the carbon intensity of the economy at the macro and sectoral levels that is beneficial for national growth objectives, by identifying synergies, barriers and potential trade-offs and financial needs to address these blockades

  • Identify opportunities for and facilitate leveraging financial resources, including external finance, such as Carbon Finance (CF), to support of a low carbon growth strategy, as well as explore the possible need for new financing instruments; and

  • Raise national awareness and facilitate informed consensus on India‚Äôs efforts to address global climate change.